Multiplayer Issue - Client not following on level change


So I’m having a problem that is kind of hard for me to figure out. Mostly since our game is connected thru steam-invites so I can’t test multiplayer locally.

**The problem: **
When I do a level change(Open level) the client gets kicked back to the main menu. I have my “Open level” set to ?listen and absolute(although I am not sure what this does?). I’ve seen some people use console commands with “server travel” instead of the open level node, but that did not work for me as far as I can recall.

Does anyone know what I am doing wrong?


So I finally solved it. If you try to use the “servertravel map-name” command in PIE the level never loads, it can only be tested in StandAlone mode. I could not find any documentation on this so if you have the same problem, now you know why.