Multiplayer invisibility

Hello community,

I need to help with idea how to do “invisibility” in multiplayer…

I want to see myself semi-transparent and of course, all other players should see me fully invissible. I got running this with setting “opacity mask” value through run on owning client to 0,5, it works but not very well (dissolve FX is not accurate)

any ideas which setup is correct in this case? :slight_smile: thanks

Theres a checkbox on the mesh in the blueprint called “owner only see” that in multiplayer the owning client will see whatever setup you have and others wont see anything.

There way it’s done is normally through material effects . Or the simplest way is like suggested here you simply hide the mesh.

There is a very good and cheap pack that does this very well on the market place
Video is here

And pack is here

So you can either just use the pack directly as is , or learn from it and study it find out how he did it and make you’re own version

I knew about this thing but you got me good idea :slight_smile: i just can create another copy of mesh and set it to anything, this is good idea ill definitely check it out

Thank you too :slight_smile: i know this pack but im afraid how it running in multiplayer
And of course, im using materials to invisibility, but i dont know how exactly pass “only owner value of opacity” to owning invisibility component… :slight_smile: i dont know how to describe it very well, but when ill be at home ill post video

EDIT: Im looking for node like “switch has authority” but something like “switch owner-> and others->” in this way i can setup easily opacity for owners like 0,5 and all others 1 which will be invisible for… Any ideas? :slight_smile:

I also use a branch and have the output “is locally controlled” node for when I run blueprint for owning client.

Ok so i got this working :slight_smile: i made mistake in blueprint, because before it was not replicated so i set wrong variables to replicate and that caused some little errors, so after all, i run RPC “run on owning client” where i set value of invisibility (opacity) to only 0,5… Still not clean but im atm satisfied :slight_smile:

main part of bp: