Multiplayer in another PC


my game works only localhost only with my static ip and port 7777.

I forwarded to another machine but not possible to connect. Is this problem because my ip not has open port 7777?

If you are on your wi-fi, you can use the IP address of your host machine. [start->cmd->“ipconfig”]
Then, you can connect to that computer using the ip address + port.

Let me know if that’s the issue you are having.


If I have the same level and I want separate players in other level, I need for each group of players create shortcut, and then open? I will get new port 7778 and can use like that,
or exists any other better option in Blueprint to open the same level with other players?


Level, Name of players
level1, player1
level1, player5
level1, player10

level1, player2332
level1, player 55