Multiplayer hud problem

I spend whole day tryin to figure it out, so hopefully some1 here is smarter then me ;s Im trying to make HUDs work in MP game. Dealing dmg works but i cant update hud correctly (when i check health with lil debug key, it shows correct numbers). On server it works just fine but on client its like delayed ? What i mean is that every shot makes changes to hud, that were supposed to be made by the one shot before. Basically first shot does nothing - and second shot does what had to be done by the first one. Same goes for pickups that give u hp
(example: 50hp -> takes 20dmg -> 50hp -> 10hp pickup -> 30hp -> 10hp pickup -> 40hp)

Little gallery: Imgur: The magic of the Internet

Thanks :slight_smile:

Most likely a case of updating the HUD before the variable has been replicated. Instead of using RPC’s to update the HUD you should use RepNotify on Health and every time RepNotify is called you update the HUD.

Wow, that was easy, thanks mate :smiley: