Multiplayer - How to display other player's Health on Client HUD?

Hello there! I have this very basic prototype idea I need to make in Unreal but it requires networking. I’m familiar with game development and UE, but I’m a beginner when it comes to networking.
I think i have my basic theory and vocabulary down but i’ve been struggling so any help is greatly appreciated!

The game is a simple One versus One game mode, more context below. My main question is, how do I display the other player’s health value on the UI?
I’ve already made it so the player can see their own health on the UI by binding it to the player’s health value, but how do I go about it about binding the other player’s health value to the Enemy Health UI?

Some context. I’ve followed a tutorial to set up a lobby. I’ve made a LobbyPC and a LobbyGM, I select one between the two characters and they spawn in and get possessed.

Right now I’m just testing damage. I can click and the player gets damaged and it properly shows the personal health on the client. Now I want “Enemy Health” to display the other client’s/player’s health value.

Any insight and help would be greatly appreciated!