Multiplayer - how to check if someone was connected and start a gameplay?

I’ve a problem with starting the game. Basically now it is starting right after server loads the level, so all additional players are starting after the server player.

Anyone know how can I made something like this?

  • Server has loaded the map, the player which is sever can’t play - he is waiting for others,
  • Someone has connected,
  • Server is waiting for X players to start the game,

Be grateful for help!

If the Game Mode blueprint has access to Post Login, then you can use that to tell when players are logging in (Logout for leaving). You could then check the size of the Players array from Get Game State.

Cobryis - you rock! It’s working!

Hope I have last question: how can I connect to the server using other computer? From editor or from .exe with command line?

A new, community-hosted Unreal Engine Wiki - Announcements and Releases - Unreal Engine Forums. It describes the process there.

What I do is package a development version of the game in <ProjectFolder>/Build/Development. I then go to <ProjectFolder>\Build\Development\WindowsNoEditor&lt;ProjectName>\Binaries, and I press shift, right click on binaries, and click Open command window here to get the command prompt up in Win64. I then type the name of the exe in that folder with the following arguments: <ProjectName>.exe Example_Map?listen -game . That will launch a server. The next thing I do is launch another <ProjectName>.exe with no arguments on another computer (or on the same one - make sure you test the packaged game before sending it out), then in game I hit ~ to open the console and type: open <my ip> . That will connect to the server. If you’re testing on your computer you can type: open 1 then use the up arrow to select the open for local host command (open