Multiplayer - How To Build My Game With Multiplayer in Mind

So, I’ve been looking around on UDN and different forum posts and I’ve been looking at the logic behind multiplayer programming a bit loosely, as I’m working on making my game complete before implementing multiplayer. I’m doing this mostly because this isn’t the first time I’ve worked on a multiplayer game and from what I can see, the logic for multiplayer is already fully implemented.
But, I have a question regarding that.
And basically, that is what should I keep in mind when developing a multiplayer focused game?
I mean, past the simple server/client side function logic and such.

Simple …? Many struggle and fail getting to grips with replication.

First question to ask yourself, how is it going to be hosted, do you want to be able to start a headless dedicated server or will it be hosted by the player, this impacts design.

If you are starting out then I guess you have your reasons for developing a game in a legacy engine but I’d recommend you do this in UE4 cause help in the UDK forum will be disappear as those with knowledge release their games and move onto UE4.

It’s all about using the **patterns ** provided on the UDN to make the server reach the clients or viceversa…
With those patterns you can replicate everything.
Take in mind client shall be purely for visual stuff, In my opinion and Server shall handle all of the logics, Since it’s just a CPU not a GPU.
Spawn a particle system on the server ? mmh would make sense ?

I might move to UE4 later to make content for the marketplace, but UE4 and UDK are completely different, UE3 isn’t necessarily legacy in the term of usefulness, as it’s still as useful as, if not more than, UE4 because of scalability and platform support.

Sounds great, I’m hoping I won’t have any issues with it :slight_smile: Thanks!

No spawning particle on a server would not make sense, since a particle it’s a visual thing, and it’s CPU does not want to see it, a human does and a GPU needs to render it… So it would go to client.

Unless the particle uses collision, so it has a collision component attached on the cascade, as a module and it effects gameplay.