Multiplayer Help and more for my team please :)

Hey, guys and gals. I am a one person show right now but I have a friend that is interested in helping but can’t just yet. I am looking for people new or experience to build a team. What you see in the video above I have done completely by myself and yes I am new as well. Would like to learn with a group and complete this project I am just at a stopping point of what to do next and need a little help. I would really appreciate it, and if it winds up making money I would gladly split with the team :slight_smile: Would love to work with new and exciting people and definitely want to add some multiplayer and boss fights to the game and release it on mobile, console, and steam. I have steam concept already up now. Feel free to contact me I am always working and willing to work with others.

Steam Link :

Website Link :

Youtube Link :

KickStarter Link :

Thanks for checking it out :slight_smile: Look Forward to hearing from you all !!

Brillant ! This is a really nice work ! i wish you all the best !
You migth be interested by Looking for COLLABORATION BETWEEN TEAM to achieve GAMES and talk about it SOLO are welcome too ! - Job Offerings - Unreal Engine Forums!

Thank you so much Sayato ! I will check in to that and sign up !

Sending you a message :slight_smile:

Ok I have been checking them regularly Thanks !

That is a really neat look! Nice job!

Thank you teak421 ! Been working hard.

Still Looking for people :slight_smile: Give me a shout !

That is such an impressive intro, and nice music, and scene jumping into the vortex is cool… and then… space rooms? Rooms in space, made out of space, that he’s running through… space rooms. Why?

If he jumped into a vortex and then he flew down a whirling maelstrom, dodging huge rocks and alien debris, all while grabbed energy orbs and lost tech, I’d be totally on board. That would make sense. Heck, that’d be EPIC! A huge sense of scale and speed, plucking items out of the void. Maybe he lands on large sections of broken ships and runs through them. Then he jumps off and it’s back to free-falling through the center of this tornado. And all while a timer ticks down, indicating his exit is about to close.

But instead… space rooms. Rooms in space… made out of space. And he runs through them… Why?

A couple suggestions, use OpenBroadcaster instead of Xsplit, it’s free and your video won’t have any watermarks.

Your intro is very well made but 50 seconds is too long and it doesn’t have any outro you need a call-to-action at the end.

If you need a video editor take a look at Blackmagic DaVinci Resolve or Lightworks, both are professional Hollywood studio grade Non Linear Editors and have free versions.

Publish your game on, Newgrounds, Kongregate and other game sites and if you want to publish on mobile but don’t want to spend the 25$ that costs Google Play, you have Amazon which is free.

And you can use as a selling platform too, there are more sites, for example IndieDB and IndieGameStand.

Good luck.