Multiplayer gamemode in blueprint

Hello everyone:)

Currently our game has started taking shape and it is time to look into different gamemodes. Now, this might be either a really stupid question or this kind of stuff is not yet exposed to blueprints.

Basically I have a pretty good idea of how I can set up the first mode I want to create (duel with best of 3 rounds), but it appears that querying the current match state is not available in blueprints.

These are the nodes I’m looking for:

"Match State

The GameMode contains a state machine that tracks the state of the Match, or the general gameplay flow. To query the current state, you can use GetMatchState, or wrappers like HasMatchStarted, IsMatchInProgress, and HasMatchEnded. Here are the possible Match states:

EnteringMap is the initial state. Actors are not yet ticking and the world has not been fully initialized. It will transition to the next state when things are fully loaded.

WaitingToStart is the next state, and HandleMatchIsWaitingToStart is called when entering. Actors are ticking, but players have not yet spawned in. It transitions to the next state if ReadyToStartMatch returns true, or if someone calls StartMatch.

InProgress is the next state, and HandleMatchHasStarted is called when entering, which calls BeginPlay on all Actors. Normal gameplay is in progress. It transitions to the next state if ReadyToEndMatch returns true, or if someone calls EndMatch.

WaitingPostMatch is the next state, and HandleMatchHasEnded is called when entering. Actors are still ticking but new players are not accepted. It transitions to the next state when a map transfer starts.

LeavingMap is the last state, and HandleLeavingMap is called when entering. The match stays in this state while transferring to a new map.

Aborted is the failure state, started from AbortMatch. This is set when there is an unrecoverable error. " (Taken from the UE4 documentation)

If I had these pieces then the rest would merely be filling in the blanks so to speak, but since I can’t find them I’m wondering if I either a) have to create a custom state machine for blueprint or b) roll up my sleeves and do some c++.

Thanks in advance! :smiley:

Just saw this in the 4.8 preview notes:

“Many new features exposed to Blueprint Scripting, include all major Game Mode features.”

Yay! the nodes are here! Thank you developers!:smiley: