Multiplayer Game Consultant Needed

I am an Indie Unreal Developer looking for consulting advice on a small game project in early development. My understanding of the tool and features is solid. This is only 1-2 hours of someone providing advice on the following:

  1. Is the chosen strategy the best and if not, what is a better one
  2. Is the architecture structure appropriate (Game State, Game Instances, Player Controller, etc.)
  3. How to overcome a specific issue I am encountering in a multi-player network approach

You will do no development or programming. This is purely in an advisory capacity at this time. For the right person this is easy, fast money.
Required expertise: Unreal Engine 4 and their Networking, Multi-player game Development. Must be able to speak fluent English.
Willing to pay a fair hourly rate. Please specify your rate.

Thank you,


Hi Nick, did anyone reply to you? We are also looking for a consultant too!


Not yet. I may turn to the professionals.