Multiplayer FPS Template

Hello guys!

Here is a short video showing some “gameplay” of my fps template project. The game is pretty much a fully playable multiplayer first person shooter, which can be used as a base to build your own game or just to explore the assets and source code.
The weapon meshes, textures and particle systems as seen in the video will be replaced with placeholders as they belong to a different marketplace item. However, if you own mentioned pack it should be very easy to reimplement all original assets.

Sweet! Finally some c++ love for the Marketplace. Looking forward to it.

the headbob is really hard to watch, pretty headache inducing if I can be honest with you.

I’m interested in seeing this with fake lag though

when we will be able to dawnload it?

It would be great to have it with parameters like variables to start with. If we develop games, then we dont want to dive in youre C++ first, but use youre base with parameters and build on top of this