Multiplayer FPS Basic

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Multiplayer FPS Basic is a first person shooter starter template that you can easily start in the creation of a first person team based shooter game. The character has 2 weapons, an auto fire hit scan assault rifle, as well as a projectile based launcher with explosive damage.


Demo Video

Using This Template

Test Packaged Build

  • Done In 100% Blueprints
  • Projectile And Hitscan Weapon
  • Team Based Pickups For Health And 2 Types Of Ammo
  • Team Based Auto Turret
  • Healing And Damage Over Time Volumes
  • FPS View Uses 3 Separate Meshes (Not Just A Camera Stuck On The Head)
  • Basic Menu For Hosting & Joining Steam Listen Servers
  • Team Based Player List

Number of Blueprints: 18

Input: Keyboard & Mouse

Network Replicated: Yes (Listen Server)

Supported Target Platform: Windows

Documentation: Using This Template

Released Today!

Updated To Support 4.25…

Updated To Correct A Few Bugs/Improve Project…

Hiya! I’ve opened two copies of the project - on a single machine and on separate machines - and I couldn’t get the second copy to see the hosted game on the first copy.

Could you tell me which video has information on the MP setup? I’ve waded through all five of them and I couldn’t seem to find where that info is.


  • The Last Mukhogg on Chizra

It is contained in the video >> Unreal Engine 4 - (Tutorial) Packaging And Testing Any Of My Templates - YouTube

Regards, o/

Ok, will grab a coffee and not skim thru this time. :slight_smile: Thanks for the speedy reply!

Hello, how to change weapon model?