Multiplayer forum section

Does anyone else think the forum needs it’s own dedicated section for multiplayer and replication?

I would find it useful.

/me smacks a dev with a large trout

Not sure about this one.

Multiplayer usually refers either to C++ or Blueprint and rarely ever anything else, the last thing we want to do is split those conversations up into their own separate forums. Paging [MENTION=8]Alexander Paschall[/MENTION]

Edit: Ugh, when are mentions going to work with people with more than one word in their name…

This is a little tricky. I’m not sure if it would help to make a whole new subforum just for replication. This would lead to creating two new subforums for C++ and BP replication, further splitting up where information is held. I could make a “Replication”, “Mulitplayer” or “Online” tag for the BP and C++ forums though if that would help.

I think just one subform for replication is good, even though it will be a mixed of BP and C++ - it is way better than no subforum at all! A lot of times, multiplayer is giving me headache and always extra time for development and testing - especially when you really need to test against many physical computers.

A single replication forum for discussions on replication and networking concepts and procedures would be good. You don’t get any help at all trying to post a replication question in the c++ or blueprints forum as it is.

Yes, the the question that doesn’t really belong to any group usually will not get much attention…

I don’t see why having a specific forum for all things multiplayer would be a bad thing…I think it would be a good thing

Still think the biggest challenge are the Forum-Search options.

There are threads that are gold, but they’re difficult to find etc.

Some kind of true Advanced-Forum-Search is badly needed here.

Most users use Google etc, that should say something right there!