Multiplayer Door / UMG Widget Problem


i wanted to ask this on the Answer Hub but instead of posting the question the site is just resetting.

However, i used a door blueprint from here: Unreal Engine 4 - Simple Door Lock System (OUTDATED) - YouTube

I modified it to make it multiplayer compatible and all functions are working well except the door messages. The door can have 3 states, opened, locked and faked. If its locked or faked you get messages like “Door is locked you need key” or "Door is locked and keyhole is broken.

Right now the messages are only working for the server. The images are from the door Blueprint itself. I tried to create the widgets in the player controller but it didn’t work.

If the client interacts with a locked or faked door only the server would receive the message. If i change the lock or fake events to multicast everyone will receive the messages.
I want that just the player who is currently interacting with the door receives them. I

Can anyone help me or point me in the right direction please?