Multiplayer Disconnect / Player Spawn Problem on slower PC

Hello guys,
got a “small” problem with our Co-op Game.
If one player dies, the map is getting reloaded (seamless = true & Server Travel command).
It is working fine if i host the game. The 2nd client is getting respawned fine.
But if my co-op partner is hosting the game with his slower PC, the 2nd client isn’t getting spawned (or he gets a disconnect, i’m not sure yet. Have to test it again.).

I host (Fast computer) - Player #2 joins
We die, server travel kicks in - everything is fine.

He hosts (slow computer) - I join in
We die, server travel kicks in - i get disconnected or something.

Any ideas on this?

Thank you.

Okay, this sounds exactly like our problem:

going to take a look at it today.