Multiplayer Different on other screens

Hey guys I have had unreal for about a couple years now. I tested the multiplayer but when I place the object with physics and shoot it, it seems like the object does not move in the exact location on the other screens.
So basically if I shoot an object it would fly a couple meters but it would not be as far on the other players,

The same thing happens with a tank vehicle I made a couple months ago It seemed to move slower when I put it on a
dedicated server. Thanks


The object you are shooting, did you make sure the replicate check box returns true, or
bReplicates = true; bReplicateMovement = true;

This should fix the problem, ensuring that all clients see the object and it’s movement. Replicating physics to all clients making sure they see the same thing is quite numbing.

You can put a replicated transform variable, and do an RPC to clients, so they get the servers transform. Hope this leads you in the right trrack.