[Multiplayer] Custom "Class Selection" not working properly on Server



I tried to create a own “class selection” system, where you basically have a UMG menu, click on one of the three buttons and then posess one of three different default player characters. These 3 Characters are just 3 clones of the default character, with a different color material assigned.

I managed to get it perfectly working for a solo offline game, but as soon as start with 2 clients (listen or dedicated server) it doesnt work like I imagined anymore.
I tried to let the server do the spawnin and then locally possess it with each client.

I attach all blueprint screenshots I got. Maybe somebody can have a look and help me out?

Right now, the call after “Switch has authority” doesnt get fired.


[video]Dropbox - Error

Alternative URL
When I hit simulate it all works fine, but in game mode it does not. In Both cases: Dedicated Server checked and 1 client

Okay, I understand now, why it works on simulate and not in the real game mode. Simulate seems to be in the view of the server where I mistakenly also display the hud, and then the on click event fires of course properly.

So what I still don’t understand is, how to fire the on click event at a client, which then causes a reaction on the server, meaning initiating the spawn?

hi, good job whit your personal proyect “Ancient Battle Arena Extreme”.

im using your blueprint script to create a “Class Selection”, but i have problem whit the client replication, can you help me ? please. -

Can you share the solution? thanks