Multiplayer Combat Vehicle

Hello all, following the release of my Blueprint passenger vehicle project I have had requests for something more focused on combat and the like.

What I am working on is a more advanced blueprint multiplayer vehicle which has the combat focus. The basis of the project will come from the things I have learned in my own work:

What it will have:

  1. A Lo-poly Tank with a PBR material.
  2. 3 different switchable views.
  3. Munitions that can be customized per vehicle.
  4. Automated Turret movement and aiming + scope view.
  5. A basic vehicle UI.
  6. Main and secondary weapons.
  7. Basic firing animation etc.

At the moment I’m still taking suggestions or requests. One that has come up is the possibility of having 2 types of combat vehicles, one that can be possessed and controlled by a single player, and another that can have multiple player controls (Driver, gunner, etc). Any questions or suggestions are invited!

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No seriously - I want to pay for this especially if it has multiplayer compatibility.

How much do you intend to charge for this?

Edit: In my excitement - I totally forgot to mention what I would like to see -

  1. Multiplayer - This would seriously help out my project since my project is multiplayer focused.
  2. The ability to Injure/kill or knock out crew so the tank operates slower. (If at all possible)
    Ideas on how this can happen based on position -
  • If an Infantryman shoots at the tank commander while he is looking around through binoculars there could be a risk of the tank commander getting killed.
  • If the tank driver or gunner has their respective view port open he can run the risk of being shot as well and being killed or injured.
  • Weak points in the tank armor if hit can kill the crew - Munitions, Engine, etc.
  1. An Integration guide for Generic Shooter (If at all possible)

I love that little emote thing! I have no idea on the price yet, I’ll have a better idea when I am fixed on how much is getting put into it! But I always want to keep it affordable and on the lower end of the price range!

I updated my post and Yes, I love that emote too.

You may very well have a buyer. Your system so far looks solid :slight_smile:

Haha, alright! I checked out you suggestions-- for knocking out crew, it is quite possible to do that, if many others would like to see that I could work it out as it would make the vehicle more specialized to that style of game. As for integration into Allar’s Generic Shooter Project, this is do-able as I have done it myself. There is only 1 superficial bug with it that I have not got around to fixing to do with the “Causer” Reference in the kill feed.

Giving this a bump as it deserves much more attention :slight_smile: