Multiplayer collision not working help!!!

I have been working on this problem for weeks almsot months and I have not found a solution, I don’t know why this is happening either.
So I have set up a Multiplayer lobby where both players (1xServer, 1xClient) are playing on one game. I have set it up so you shoot a projectile and it hits the enemy, but the problem is, the projectile only triggers the collision when the projectile hits the enemies feet and that moves the player backwards. So basically I have set up something so when the player gets hit, print a string. When I shoot the players feet it prints and moves them back (Don’t know why) and when I shoot them from the shins up, it doesn’t print anything, sometimes it works sometimes it doesn’t. Please Help, Thank you

Both player and enemies are pawns?

I found out that in multiplayer its capsule component that checks collision. So set capsule to generate hit events for channel you want. Collision is quite confusing. Make capsules work, then try to copy that over to skeletal mesh (but i failed and i can do only capsule collision checks).

For collision try to change only one parameter before you test, do it slowly, changing for ex collision on pawn then some collision on projectile, could make you think that both are wrong, while one setting is perfectly good, while only other does not work. Its tricky so do it in small steps.