Multiplayer Clients Not Loading UMG But Server Does

Hi more experienced UE4 developers,

If anyone can help me with this issue that would be greatly appreciated. So, I’m trying to setup a multiplayer game where a server hosts a map for clients to connect to and play on through a lobby system which is working fine. The clients can connect to the lobby and the server starts the game and loads everyone into a chosen map. The problem however is when the the clients load into the map the HUD I have made in UMG loads in correctly but the health, energy etc bars are all empty and no values are being updated in them, strangely though the HUD works perfectly fine on the server. I’m 99.99% sure its to do with a replication issue after looking online at other developers similar issues but unfortunately I am very new to UE4 and replication seems way to complicated to get correct. To make things more complicated I have created a working inventory system and some sample items that randomly spawn in the level however the items that spawn are different on both the server and the connected clients. For example, the server will spawn an apple at point_1 but the client will spawn something different at point_1. Also the clients cannot pickup items but the server can which is another issue. So as you can see there are a lot of things not working which is driving me crazy as I’ve been trying to figure this out for several days now and have made little to no progress. Any help at all would be helpful from anybody who might know whats going on or who knows about multiplayer replication and how things work with it. I am happy to post screenshots of the blueprints or whatever else you may need to help diagnose the problems. Please reply if you can help it is urgent!