Multiplayer character general polycount

I’m wondering what the current polycount range is in tris for multiplayer characters on a next gen engine. (I.e ue4) We’re looking at a maximum of 16 players per map. I’ve heard people talk about ranges from 30,000 all the way to 70,000. And just a side note when I say characters I mean armor + heads, no weapons included. What is a good number to shoot for if we are having 16 players max?

It really depends on not only your rigs but the lowest hardware you want your game to run on. Those are the major limitations though I would caution against going higher poly (70k) as it will be much more cpu intensive, especially with 16 players all at 70k+weapons+map contents, you can quickly add up.

I personally would say: Stay as low as possible, because you can also reach a good quality with a low tri count.

But my team and I use a tri count of around 20.000-30.000 tris :slight_smile:


Thanks for the info Adam. I wouldn’t have dreamed of going near 70k, I don’t know how some people can justify that as it seems to be excessive. Currently I’m using an AMD Phenom II 830 Quad Core Processor 2.8 ghz, 8 GB Ram and GTX 660 OC. One of our environments has 1.5 million tris and the fps sits around 40-45 on all epic settings. We’re aiming for next gen mostly, but don’t want it to be too exclusive. It’s easy to modify texture and post processing details to adjust for some rigs, but obviously not so much for polycount.

Thanks for the info Fighter, the model looks good. =) 30,000 is what I’ll be aiming for in maximum. Currently the models we have are around 15-20,000, but they aren’t as complex as we’d like some of the others to be. We definitely want to optimize and not use extra polys just for the sake, which is why I wanted to know what a good range would be for in UE4 and next gen in general.