multiplayer BP?

Is it possible to create a multiplayer game “Team deathmatch” using only BP?


You can check the latest videos on BP Networking => https:///user/UnrealDevelopmentKit/videos

Excellent new tutorials, thanks Billy!
Will the content example used in videos be on the marketplace?

Is anyone else having the issue that - with a fresh project based on the 3rd person template - increasing the client number will not work as in the video right out of the box? For me any player after the first won’t possess a pawn and just be stuck in the ground.

Yep, you should be able to create a team deathmatch game with blueprints.

Thanks! I didn’t even know they were posted yet. This was my first time making a tutorial, so glad you liked them. I might have forgotten to mention in the video, but that content map should be released for everyone on the marketplace for free in the future. It still has a bit more work to go before it’s ready to be distributed. If you notice in the video, it’s missing the text descriptions on the kiosks, because the descriptions I wrote are massive walls-of-text that aren’t great for tutorial maps :stuck_out_tongue:

So I just tried this again from home and I’m seeing the same behavior you just posted! Eeep! The tutorial was filmed before the newest update, so I’ll have to poke around when I get into the office tomorrow and see if something broke. Apologies for that! ><

Hey Billy,

We found this issue a while ago and made a Answerhub question out of it, perhaps that could help track it?

( Also in 4.1 it’s fixed )

Thanks for the link and the additional info! I tested with the latest code this morning and it is indeed fixed. I verified it should be coming in the 4.1 update very soon, sorry for the inconvenience in the meanwhile!

fantastic tutorial series, very appreciated. :smiley:
Btw, does 4.1 also address Default Pawn’s movement replication?
How can someone roll their Pawn and get replication setup properly like use a Character class?

Your tutorials were perfect for me. THANK YOU! :smiley:

For those of you looking to me fuble through the darkness towards success, 's my thread on getting a fully custom Blueprint-based MP game going (Now with SUCCESS!)!-(aka–s-a-Glutton-for-Punishment)

Thank you very much! Re: the pawn stuff, as I mentioned in the other thread, I started an email thread about that internally to check on the state of things. The concept of a split between pawn and character is relatively new (wasn’t in UE3), so I’m not actually an expert on that myself and haven’t spent much time investigating it just yet. We’ll get someone in to provide some clarity soon though. Sorry that’s causing some confusion!

Any news on this? I’m eager to replicate my flying pawns :slight_smile: