Multiplayer Blueprints IOS/Android

I wanted to start a new thread on mobile multiplayer networking. Ive read where some people say they have gotten it working and that the blueprints are the same for creating and joining a session, however there is no documentation anywhere that i can find that supports this. One person said that all he had to do is enable sessions for IOS in the default engine.ini file.

If there is no way to do it locally on a device what options are there for mobile networked games. Thanks in advance for your help

No online subsystem support for realtime multiplayer via GameCenter or Google Play unfortunately :frowning:

Some hope for local Wifi while using Null OSS (Online SubSystem)

Multiplayer via Game Center: I’ve been looking into this for months, a few people say that it works but never seem to back it up with any evidence. Last time I tried this ( 4.10 ) it did not work. A few people have told me that the implementation for it is missing in the source code. I couldn’t find it in the source code either although I could find the leaderboard code. So Game center Leaderboards and In App Purchases work but not any of the multiplayer session stuff ( I really hope someone proves me wrong on this ) . People have mentioned that local wifi can be made to work by using the null online subsystem although there was a bug resolving local IP in android at some point so the server beaconing would fail ( there was a workaround for this ). More than one controller is supported on a single device apparently, so you can have more than one player on the same iPad or whatever ( no networking involved ). Turn based multiplayer has also been mentioned, I think it’s in beta ?

Whinge : A few people have told me that ‘you have the source code so you can code the OSS yourself for game center / google play.’ I have a few problems with that.
1, If it was that easy then Epic would have just done it ( it was implemented in UE3 !! and I had it working no problems :frowning: )
2, Even if I could code it there is very little chance that Epic would pull in any merge request for it because …
3, I’m a very average c++ programmer, I don’t code for a living, I generally get stuff working in very unpretty ways and often use swearWords as part of my method naming convention, doubly with Classes :smiley:

Hopefully a few people will chime into this thread and let us know what they have working and not working and how the did it. At some point I will start testing out Wifi multiplayer and using a dedicated server ( via the Null OSS) but for now I’m concentrating on trying to turn my cool idea for a multiplayer game, into a slightly less cool single player game :frowning:

This isn’t a negative post even if it reads like one. Everything about UE4 is truly awesome, truly … but it just so happens that your post is about the one part of UE4 that doesn’t work at the moment :slight_smile:


This thread has the steps to make local multiplayer work for android:

No idea if it works for ios but I hope it helps.