Multiplayer blueprint: Server always tries to possess a new spawned pawn

Hi guys, I’m having problems with the server pawn possession.
In particular the problem is that the server always tries to possess a new spawned character, even if i do not connect the possess node (don’t understand why).

In fact, if i connect the possess node and i try to select a character in the client, the server un possess his character and tries to possess the character that the client had selected, but it fail because that character has already been possessed by the client. So the server remains without pawn.
Sorry if it’s a bit confusing but i just can’t get out of it.
Can anyone help me guys?

Hello good day,

May I know where you calling switch character event? Is it within the gamemode or some other blueprint.
May I also know the way you are passing the player controller in the event.
Is the player controller passed via the get player controller event or a from an Event Post Login in the gamemode?

It might clear up something if I know how it is setup.


hi, thanks for the help,
the switch character event is within the game mode and it’s called by the player controller like this:

Hello good day again,

I have tried recreating on your functions but mine correctly possesses the spawned pawn either client or server invoked.

What I did to recreate yours is at the player controller I did this.

I have an input to simulate your “CallUpdate” event and just fired a linetrace through the camera of my already controlled pawn to possess another pawn

In my gamemode I have just done this.

Sorry I have still no idea what might be happening in your possession event

Can you check this in your character blueprint. It might be this one you might have set it to a player controller.


I’m still willing to help if you have any other information. Sorry again.

Edit: Fixed images.

Auto Possess Player was the problem. Thank you so much, you saved me

No problem, happy to help :slight_smile: