Multiplayer Blueprint OpenLevel not working

Unreal 4.7.0 Preview 5

We have a game with a paged tiled landscape.
We start both the server and client on seperate machines in a menu with a Host and Join buttons.

The server side clicks host and our blueprint removes the menu, does an OpenLevel with the full map path name
(/Game/Maps/OurMaps/Map1), then Create Session.
The server is now in the game and playing.

(We also tried this where the server Creates Session first, then LoadLevel, same results)

The server log shows a LogNet: Browse: to the map with the full path followed by a LogLoad: LoadMap: of the map.

The client clicks Join which finds the session successfully, and then Join Session.

The server sees the join, and the client is joined in but…
On the client the log shows a LogNet: Browse: to the Menu map and not the Map1.

After 60 seconds the client times out and leaves the session.

Any ideas why the map is the Menu map instead of the Map1 the server has loaded?