Multiplayer Blueprint Chat System

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This is the official support thread for this package, and the place for you to ask all of your lovely questions :smiley:


Q: What is the chat system, and what does it come with?
A: This chat system enables players to communicate via chat in-game, I have a comprehensive features video here:

Q: How much does it cost?
A: $30

Q: Which engine versions are supported?
A: 4.9 - 4.11, I will also be updating this to the newer versions ASAP once they are released. There shouldn’t be any necessary changes, I will just be verifying that it does indeed work with new versions. For instructions on implementation, I made this video:

Q: Which platforms can I use this on?
A: I have only used it on desktop, but you can use it on any platform as long as you can type into the chat box.

Q: How can I change the font used in the chat?
A: There are 3 widgets that use fonts, you can change the font in these locations: The “Chat Input” in the “Chat_MainWidget” widget[COLOR="#000000"],[/COLOR] The two text blocks in the “Chat_Message” widget, and the text block in the “Chat_Tab” widget.

Q: Can I extend the functionality of the chat, or do something like add my own commands?
A: Of course! I designed this chat specifically with customization in mind, and have actually made a tutorial that teaches you how to add your own commands (Leaning towards the intermediately experienced users), check it out:

Q: How do I setup the word filter?
A: I have made a quick video that talks about the word filter here:

Q: Can I change which HUD widget the chat uses?
A: Yes, and very easily! As long as you can get a reference to your HUD widget when you spawn the chat, it will work, and I made a quick video showing how to do this:

If you have any other questions or concerns, feel free to ask on this thread, or for a quicker reply, add me on Skype. Have a nice day!

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This package is now 25% off for a limited time :smiley:

Just bumping this, in-case anyone had any questions :smiley:

What’s the max number of players that this has been tested with?
In your estimation, how difficult would it be to adapt this to a separate dedicated chat server?
Is there C++ source code?

I have tested this with 5 players, though any amount will work.
I am not entirely sure, I haven’t done any standalone items.
No, as this is a blueprint package, though I imagine it would be fairly straight-foward to remake it in C++.

Hi, implemented this system yesterday, so far so good, something we notice is happening is we have C key mapped for Crouch, as other keys mapped for other things like W,A,S,D,M, etc etc. Thing is when we hit enter and start type all inputs are overriden wich is spectable unless for C key wich is entering/leaving crouch mode. Not sure here if it is an issue on our end or chat system not overriding C key when entered in Chat Input text box.

Thanks in advance.

Another one for you, we notice the Chat_System BP is inheriting from character class and it is spawning it from our chararcter BP. Is it really necessary or we can just port all nodes, variables and functions to our character BP? Wonder wich is better performance wise.

I’m not sure I completely understand, so after you press enter, you cannot type C, because it makes you crouch/uncrouch? I asked around, and people said that perhaps you have your C input set to Consume Input (Click on your C input, and look in the details panel). If so, you must uncheck that box. (The chat never knows that C is pressed, same with any other text input you might have).

The reason that Chat_System inherits from Character is simply because the Character class is allowed to use certain things for replication, that other classes are not (Run on Owning Client), and no other reason. I’d say that any performance difference from having the chat in a seperate class from your Character itself is trivial, and has little to no performance impact, but if you wanted to, you certainly could port everything to your Character class. To do this, you would just copy everything over, and replace references of Chat_System with your character.

Thanks for asking your questions, as they can help others in the future. I encourage you to rate the package on the marketplace whatever you think it deserves. If you have any other questions, just post here and I’d be more than happy to answer :smiley:

Cool thanks on the character thing we guess that but just to be sure.

About the C key it is accepted as any other key in the input text but unless other keys hooked to actions is the only one that keeps firing the action while the focus is in the text box… will try to make an example for more clearance.

We have this keys tied to actions:

W=Forward, S=Backwards, A=MoveLeft, D=MoveRight, M=Map, C=Crouch, Etc Etc now for the example lets imagine we want to input in the chat the word “DACS” we hit enter input get focus start to type

D>input box=D (not moving right, expected)
A>input box=DA (not moving left, expected)
C>input box=DAC (crouch occurs, NOT expected)
S>input box=DACS (not moving backwards, expected)

Hope that is clear enough, we have almost all keyboard mapped to actions and the only key it is having this behavior is C key.

About the rate already asked the guy in the team that bought it to do it.


That is interesting, thanks for providing an example. Is anything special about the C input? Are all of the inputs actual inputs? Or just key nodes placed in the graph? Are they all located in the same place? I have never seen this before, and am looking into it now.

All inputs are binded as Action/Axis Mappings (project settings>input>bindings)

CrouchToggle(C key), Jump(space key), Reload weapon(R key) and also Axis mappings are all handled within our character C++ class. For CrouchToggle we call Crouch() / Uncrouch() engine functions not using nodes in BPs

AFAIK nothing special with Crouch on our side, at least not more special than jump, reload or etc.


Hmm, try creating another text input widget somewhere, and see if you can still crouch while focused in that one. I know that this is not a problem with the chat itself, as nobody else has reported a problem, and I can’t replicate it on my end :frowning:

I’d just like to let everyone know that this package is now on sale (25% off) for a limited time, now is the perfect time to buy! If you have any questions, please let me know via Skype, or this thread.

Hey is it posible to hide the chat completely?

Yes! All you need to do is get a reference to the chat widget in your HUD, and then set visibility to ‘hidden’.

Is there any option to make this work with dedicated chat servers such as java’s?

Hi just purchased this and is there a scheduled time to update it to 4.19? Thanks!