Multiplayer Blueprint character selection structure question

I am a big noob and I have a mutliplayer 4 player game top down turn based online game. I’m still reading the docs.

I am trying to decide if I should have 4 pawns for the similar but different pawns.

Pawn 1: 2 hit points, 4 armor, 6 move distance, 2 unique spells available
Pawn 2: 2 hit points, 2 armor, 5 move distance, 2 unique spells
Pawn 3:so and so so on
Pawn 4:

I’m using this tutorial:

it shows how to set up… everything… and my version is very buggy after I finished the tut but I’m hoping to just take this apart for my project.

In his example all of the characters have the same mannequin pawn. I want 4 different characters with diff stats. Is this doable in one blueprint or should it be split into separate ones?


my suggestion is follow the official multiplayer tutorial from unreal it will solve most of your questions and watch the live training videos about multiplayer

i started with this

and then moved to live training videos even the older ones have things that are important