Multiplayer animation question

when doing animations for the player blueprint, it is my understanding that we don’t use ROOT for them … is this correct?
How do we replicate the animations (player movements and such) when adding them to the animsets?
I have a long laundry list of animations (mainly for cover) that i want to use for multiplayer, and, following a guide on YouTube i find out (not until like the very end, thanks for that) that root animations are not used for multiplayer setups. Should i just use the non-root ones? Can i setup replicate from the animation itself? Is that something that would be replicated from client to server to other client(s)?

No idea about root motion, but the way I replicate animations in multiplayer is to replicate a boolean flag from the server.

For example, for the player to pour and be seen by all other players pouring, I use a custom event set to run on the server that sets the replicated variable IsPouring to true. When initiated by the player (keypress or other) the server sets the variable on all the clients. The AnimBp constantly checks this variable and when true plays the pour animation on all clients.

awesome thanks @Rhynedahll
I will start working with that for the setup - just want to be clear on the “root motion” aspect tho. The tut i was following for the cover anims was saying that it wouldnt/couldnt be used in multiplayer because it was using all root motion for the anims. Im not sure if that was a misleading wording, or, in fact the roots cant be replicated (even with a bIsACTION)