Multiplayer and Database handle question

Dear readers,

I came across of that time when I became confused and needed some directions/decisions to make thinking of the future of my game, so
in short; I am creating a FPS, but it’s basically only multyplayer max of 20 players per dedicated servers, some singleP scenarios, and the player have some features like level, xp, rank, kill count, etc.
How I can handle the multyplayer and the data of my players in that type of game?

I think the Standard Multiplayer ue4 is not well suited for this, I read about Photon handling multiplayer and it’s interesting.
I also thought about put a layer between ue4 and DB, like a Webservice(AWS for ex) but I never saw a pratical example of this heppening with ue4
Anyone who already tryed something like this can share your thoughts? Need some clarifying on that and I am working with C++

Standard UE4 networking will work fine - what you need to do is grab one of the MySQL or other database plugins, then set up functionality in your blueprints to call that on the server (only), via client requests, which then are validated on the server call.

I’d take a look at the database plugins floating around. There are also a few examples of a login system you could use.

running those plugins within ue4 is safe? like leting someone running server exe with direct SQL access may cause problems