Multiplayer after packaging project doesn't work!

“Cannot map local player to unique net ID”
I work with the big project. But when packing I had a lot of problems.
One of them - a multiplayer.
I created the new project to show a problem.
I created a simple multiplayer:

**And it work: **

But after packaging project - the multiplayer doesn’t work:

I add :

  • [OnlineSubsystem]
    in DefaultEngine. But it don’t help.

The project Launcher works well:

But the multiplayer doesn’t work too. In the console at attempt to create session or find session - writes these errors:
Please, help me. What I need to do for solve a problem?

Look at [ProjectName].Build.cs and uncomment the section labeled uncomment if your using online features.

Thank you very much, but** It didn’t help**. When I launch project - error again:
14.JPG 13.JPG

Exactly same problem here on my iPhone, could anybody please help on this issue?