Multiplatform Development Help

We’ve made a game for PC platform.Everything runs perfect. We’ve decided to build the game for Android devices.
Unfortunately, We don’t have any experience in developing multi platform games in the one project, so I want to ask you give us some advice about it. My first question is, Should we get a new copy of whole project and then convert assets to more cheaper version than PC’s assets or we can do this on main project without getting a new copy of it.
I’m afraid of changing project during development, for instance if something in the level change we have to apply this change for both of PC and android version and it takes a lot of time is there a way to do this once?

Thanks for reply.
You are right but how can I apply changes during the development process. For instance, look at Fortnite, every month they have a new updated version so this means they apply changes in project for both branch of PC and android?

Ok. I’m going to make new branch of the project specific for the android development.
Thanks for help.

Hi,Game2com.Well basically it depends on project but what i recommend.You can make a different branch of your project in Source Control and call it for example release/develop-android and from that moment you have a different branch and you can start make a changes in optimization of your content.Cause basically what you will do is a porting of your game to different platform,and i would say it will be a lot of changes.

Basically yes i think there are separate teams for PC/Xbox/PS4 and mobile Android/IOS.And different team leads are working on it.And when you are making release,you are checking if this features are implemented on both platforms and working in the same way that you are planned.Also everything can be done in one project,but there are should be a very specific pipeline.