MultiPacker: TextureAtlas and Channel Editor

Multipacker is an Unreal Engine 4 Plugin editor for manipulating Textures & Bake Materials to Atlas, ChannelPacking creates SDF Images and works with MSDF Images (created Externally); everything is done inside Unreal Engine. It’s greatly helpful for Mobile Projects, allowing a great save of texture memory.

The plugin is intended to be simple and at the same time powerful.
Daily information about the progress on my Twitter

Will be updated ASAP adding new features.

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**The project available on Unreal Engine Marketplace and on Gumroad:…validated=true

Whats did now:**
Version 1.04:
I have versions working from 4.16 to 4.19.

  • Pack Textures By Channels
  • Do Texture Atlas from Tiles or Irregular shapes
  • Options to Save on RGB/RGBA, by channel(allowing degradations), or an experimental method who saves 3 Masks by channel(No Degradation allowed)
  • Can do SDF from Masks
  • Bake Materials and Material Instances to Textures
  • Can make a series of Material Bake programmatically easily
  • Can create Flipbooks
  • Data saved on a Material Collection and on a MultiPackerDatabase
  • With the Material Collection and a set of Material Function you can extract the Texture and use on Materials
  • With the MultiPackerDatabase you can make Runtime Icons and Buttons and Animate It
  • Material Functions to Personal Material uses

This looks useful :slight_smile:

Going to pick it up come payday.

V0.2 Its so Great:

Added VideoTuts about the new features

any update on this? :slight_smile:

I plan to buy it. However, I didn’t understand if i pack for example 10 textures how can I use them in a material? How I will make texture coordinate within material?

So many updates, very good adds.
I have a Material Function for that; I will check and try one Material by myself and I will post you the result.

I made a Video Maybe Helps you to understand it better,

I got the Database saved on Material Parameter Collection for a super fast usage, very good update.