Multimap parameters ?

I’ve got several maps and want to be part of one larger map but only use one at a time. So if I have something happening in one but have loaded another, how can I keep any not loaded still as if they’re active ?

You could use SaveGame files or the GameInstance class. The GameInstance class stays alive throughout the whole game and will not be destroyed if you change levels.

Thanks, Game Instance seems to be a good way to go.

As I want to split maps up I might consider using a Persistent Level, however I’m unsure exactly what is loaded when doing this. I only want 1 map loaded at a time, does it mean the master / parent level is always loaded when in a child map ?

Yes, that’s why it’s called persistent. If you only want ONE level at a time, then only open new levels instead of using LevelStreaming.

Considering Multiplayer but not sure yet. Is there no real benefit using PL for a single player game ?