Multilevel 2d Terrain?

I’m looking to build a game akin to Dwarf Fortress, Gnomoria, or Towns. Are there any good tutorials on how to create the multilevel 2d procedural terrain like those games? I could even do it with voxels, which ever route seems best.

So, currently I’m able to generate a chunk of basic terrain as a 10x10x10 cube of 100x100 static mesh cubes using the same procedural process available in Blueprint Essentials: Using Loops Level Design | 10 | v4.2 Tutorial Series | Unreal Engine - YouTube.

Any higher and it takes infinitely longer to render and becomes unplayable. How are games like Minecraft able to handle multiple 16x16x256 sized chunks?

I’m assuming once I learn how to generate a sizeable amount of terrain I can begin fiddling with things like noise. Though, I’m going into this rather blind.

Games like minecraft are voxel based engines. 3rd parties will propably integrate voxels to ue4 at engine level in some time. The thing is, when you have games like minecraft:

  1. Only the blocks you see are rendered. There is a bug for example in minecraft that if you get into a block you can look through walls, and then you see, that everything that is hidden by other blocks, doesn’t exist visually.
  2. They create one mesh fromall those voxels. Each cube doesn’t get rendered all 6 pollys. It adds up the cubes, and creates one surface from it.

So, trying to create a voxel based game in UE4 is out of the question. How about simple 2d terrain as that of the simpler games like towns, dwarf fortress, and gnomoria?

Well, you can acomplish the multidimensionality by placing them next to each other and connecting places where you can go through by some kind of teleporters. The 2d terrain could propably be accomplished by some instanced tiles blueprint, or a proceduraly generated 2d mesh.