Multilayer Custom Map Questions

Hi everyone! I’m new to the Ark Dev Kit and modding in general but I would like to try making a custom ARK map. Ambitious, I know, but I think it will be a fun and rewarding experience, even if I never finish it. I’ve started doing research but, before I start using the dev kit, I want to design the map on paper. I have a basic plan of what I want to do but before I get too far into it I want to make sure it’s actually possible to implement. I would like to do a map with extensive caves/caverns/tunnels, etc beneath the main map (similar to the center but on a larger scale); essentially creating another map/massive cave beneath the main one. Will I be able to do this or will it be too much for the computer to load and run smoothly. I guess what I’m asking is how many caves can I make and how large can I make them while still making a playable map. Any help and tips would be greatly appreciated!!

Hi and welcome,
To the question to the caves, in principle it is possible to underbuild the complete map, you have to make the caves only in smaller sublevel as the surface, Exilog has very good tutorials on Youtube, have also learned a lot there, last December in DevKit started and just now on a map =)

And sorry for my bad english (google Translator xD)