Please tell me whether, in the future Russian language support?
Now, developing Blender Game Engine to become popular because of the multilanguage. Unreal Engine is a good engine, but the scares that supports few languages. Thank you.

There are no need for those, not from an Epic corporate point of view and not even from end user perspective. You have to understand, everything which involve IT use english as main language, also there are was topic about russian localization of the engine, it got HUGE amount of criticism from russian community itself and im, as native russian speaker, would say it is a really bad idea. Grab a book, one of those which you successfully passed(skipped) in school;) and read it, than start using google translate for words which you dont understand, after 2 month you would be able to communicate at reasonable(understandable after few rereads for others :rolleyes: ) level.