Multigate Output Node Fail

Hello! I was recently working on some scripting for blueprints, and I wanted to add a multigate. I added it, and the first time I launched it, it had about 10 different outputs. I increased it to 49, and now it’s saying “Multi gate Node Failed! Out of bounds indexing of the pins. There are only 50 outputs available.” No matter how much I delete the multi gate and get another one, or dim down the outputs, it keeps saying that. I looked at other forums, and even those ones aren’t helping.

Not sure why there’d be a limit but if you need 50 outputs on a single node, there are most likely much more efficient ways to handle things.

Consider describing what you’re trying to achieve, perhaps someone can point out a solution that will suit your needs and does not involve 50 pins (which can be a pain the a in blueprints).

So if I get it right, none of the multigates works now, no matter how many output pins it has?

Does this only happen in one project or in each one you create from then on? If in each, you can try and verify the engine in the Epic Games Launcher Library, maybe it’ll correct the error. If only in one project, then you can try and recreate the error in another new project, and if the same happens, it can qualify as a bug and you should submit a bug report.