Multigate Loop

I have an AI character set up to pick from random attack animations via multigate, with loop off it picks an attack immediately but doesn’t play an animation again, with loop off it vibrates for a while and then attacks. Anything in particular I should stick into loop or anything else?

You need to let one attack play out before going back through the sequence again to select another attack. You’re getting stuck in an infinite loop. When the gate has loop off, it will stop at whatever was last selected, the gate does not loop… BUT when the gate has loop on, it will loop indefinitely until the system breaks the infinite loop for you, since it can crash your game, there’s a safe guard built in that kicks you out of that loop. For a sequence like that where you want to keep looping through, you need some delay in there to slow it down so it doesn’t loop a million times in one frame.

I added a delay after the animations and nothing seems to have changed.

Then maybe you need to show some screens of the blueprint.

I re read what you said and added a delay with some custom events and everything fell into place. Thanks!

How did you get this to work, excuse my lack of knowledge. Im a complete newbie. I have something similar happening. Attatched is a screenshot. Currently a shape is visible on screen at random when you press a button. But it doesnt loop through again, I want my random objects to keep looping without having to press a button. Does anyone know why this is?

The fix is very easy
Make a custom event at the end of all the toggle visibilities.
Have that custom event connect to the “Loop” label on multigate