Multidisplay Interactive Contents Workflow

Hello. I am looking for some help or advice to find a workflow to create some interactive multi display contents for an exhibition using UE4.
I would like to be able to render different cameras
of the same 3D environment to various TV displays to create a 360 immersive view on a small room. To improve rendering performance I would like to use two or more Pcs connected to a local network. For that I think I need to create a multiplayer application but I don’t know how to create this setup.
I tried the ndisplay plugin demo on UE4.22 and It worked well running on two pcs but when I tried to add the plugin to an existing project the application crashed. Also I didn’t know how to render more than the single camera of the default player.
Can anybody give me some advice or show me
some tutorials that could be useful to create this setup?
Thank you very much in advance!