Multicrew Vehicles

Does anyone know of any example projects or even tutorials that cover implementation of enter-able vehicles that work in a multiplayer environment AND have multiple crew points? (e.g. A tank with a turret where player 1 can drive and player 2 controls the turret)

I’ve managed to implement vehicles that can be “possessed” correctly however I cannot get the turret to work. I’ve tried using ChildActor component and adding a turret Blueprint (Pawn) but the child actor does not follow the movement of the parent and cannot be possessed. I’ve also tried the AttachTo node to make the turret blueprint attach to the Hull blueprint but this too does not apply the correct movement when the Hull moves position.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

You probably don’t need to possess your vehicle, just make it receive input and attach a player to it. This is how I handled vehicles in my project.

Another possible way is to make the turret to be a separate actor and attach it to the vehicle, make the driver possess the vehicle and the shooter possess the turret. But I didn’t try that, so speaking purely theoretically.

edit: I read in another thread that you’ve tried that so I am probably wasn’t very helpful.

It’s ok, at least you tried. :slight_smile:

Ye I tried making the turret a separate actor, attaching it and then possessing it, didn’t work. Possession worked but the turret didn’t move with the hull.