Multicasting anim-montage's anim-notify causing client to shoot extra arrow

when i click the mouse it is playing anim montage from the player character for attacks. The anim montages have anim notifys to tell the weapon to start tracing for damage(Melee Weapon) or spawning a projectile actor at the right time in the animation(Bow). i have this working well how i want but when i moved into Multiplayer stuff The Montages were not replicating so i did the Run on server- Multicast.
As you can see in the image the client im playing on(Bottom Right) works fine The server(Top) sees the right thing But the other client(Bottom Left) fires an extra arrow at 0.0.0

My Montage Animation Multicast

If i set the Arrows Replication to False it causes the Arrows to Shoot at 0.0.0
Am i using the Anim Montages right? should i be multicasting them? my normaly animation does not need to be multicast for every one to see it.

Fixed my issue by moving the spawning of the arrow to the character rather than the bow controlling the spawning still dont know why it was an issue doing it on the bow but yeah this helped.