Multicast with Call to parent method duplicates messages

Finally, I can reproduce this issue, i´m going to raise a bug as well, and refer to this thread.
Also uploading example on a Gdrive:

See this:

  1. Create blank project, 1st person template it´s ok.

  2. Create a Child class of FirstPersonCharacter, call it FirstPersonCharacterChild.

  3. Change GameMode to use FirstPersonCharacterChild as default Pawn ← Very important…

  4. on Base class, I have this very simple code, standar server/multicast example:

  1. On child class, I have this:

  1. TEST: when I press Q; it works as expected, messages are like this:

I can see message from child only, just once per client connected. as I didn´t call parent, so far we are good… let´s call parent now:

  1. Add parent call, just like this, don´t worry about parameter, it´s dirty.

  1. Test again, by calling now parent, we should see a parent printing something, then child printing something…

I´m expecting to see here a call in the parent, then a call in the child x 2 (server + client)…

BOOM, I see this… client is receiving multicast twice… and server once.

Why when you don´t have a parent call it works fine? and when you have parent call it duplicates the call???
Driving me crazy here…

So this looks like a bug on Unreal editor, I raised a bug on their tool for it.

So far there is no solution, if you call parent in a multicast method, you are screwd, even if you restart your game, unreal editor will crash.

I found a workaround for it, basically a parent call is just another method, so instead of calling parent at begining of override, I created a virtual method on parent, and called this virtual right after parent completes his tasks, then childs overrides virtual and continues doing exactly the same.

For some reason, this is not causing issue, and the impact to refactor is really really small. So i´m going with it.

Lesson learned.