multicast -> Play Montage

Hello there
I have a question,

I have an animation blueprint, which contains 3 notifies (startattack, doHit, endattack) ;

  • startattack: disables the character movement (stops), and sets isAttacking true
  • doHit, well initiates the hit code
  • endattack: enables the character movement again, sets isAttacking false

However, lets say I have 2 users: user1 , user2

if I am on user1 characterBlueprint serverside, and execute the MultiCast, I believe it is (by the way multicast works?) executing the animation on the AnimBP server-side, and then on the user1 and user2 (all clients?) so everyone can see it.
the problem is, the notifies seem to be triggering on all clients aswell. Is there a proper way to handle this? like if I multicast from user1 (to show the animation and do the attack procedure) to avoid the notifies triggering on other clients (like just execute the play montage…)


Replication issue.

Multi-cast will run on all clients regardless of whether or not they can see the character.
You need to look into montage replication.

For example: What’s the Best Way to Implement Smooth/Lagless Animation Replication?

Yeah, I added some prints first, and noticed it was being executed in the client(s) and server, so I added a few isValid check to check whether it was the server or the client, ending up only executing the code if was on the server… worked like charm:o

thanks !