Multicast event crash client

The thing is that I want for testing a TriggerRandomEvent custom node which is launched only from the Server and prints a string in Multicast and Reliable to all connected players when key T is pressed. As simple as that. Works fine on Server side but make a crash on all Clients.The mesh and HUD dissapear, the camera goes to an specific position in the map and can not move or do anything. At least I can see the multicast is working, as I can see the string.

Have been trying to make all the blueprint code inside the Character BP and inside the Controller BP.

Okey found an old post which explains what happens:

After doing some testing, the solution for me was setting the Key T inside Controller BP.
If Has Authority, cast Character and start a custom node I created before on Character BP called TriggerRandomEvent and which have been setted to Multicast. That node just have some simple structure, a random and looped MultiGate with 5 Print Strings pinned on it.

Now it works fine. I think, as someone on that old post said, that instead of breaking the game itself with no error, should directly forbid the use of Multicast inside Controllers BP or at least return somekind of error message. That error or prohibition would help some people from spending hours and hours on nothing :stuck_out_tongue: