Multicast and Multicast reliable behave differently

Working with multicast it appears that the result differ greatly between a reliable and a not reliable multicast.
However, not reliable multicasts seem to be more reliable than reliable ones - odd.

Latest I’ve set a replicated bool on the server and called a multicast afterwards, whose logic relied on the previously set bool. While the not reliable multicast always returnes the bool for the clients as they were set on the server, the reliable multicast always returns the bool as they were before the server set them.

Could somebody explain this behavior to me?

Still looking for further insight. I can of course just add a delay after the bool was set, and it will work. But that can’t be the correct way to handle this, and neither does it explain the different behavior of unreliable and reliable multicasts. So if anybody has some input it’s greatly appreciated.

Unfortunately I didn’t manage to find an explanation for this yet.
If anybody has any information (no mater how trivial) to share, it would be really helpful.