MultiBox Trace won´t find all instances within a certain area

Well this is kind of a follow up to my previous question on how to do a trace for instances within a defined area.
I´ve got a shelf, filled with about 250 HISM instances of a can. On character overlap i do a MultiBox Trace within the shelfes bounds to find all instances and replace them with real actors.

For test purposes all yellow instances are supposed to immediately get replaced by green Static Meshes, but as you can see in the screenshot, they won´t. Only if i call MultiBox Trace like 5 or 6 times all instances are replaced. Is there some kind of limit on how much objects can be found in one trace?
I would alternatively like to try the on actor overlap function but it apparently doesn´t work with instances…

Any suggestions?


Hope this helps. I did not provide additional details showing the HISM cans again since that was not withing the scope of the question and I assume you can overcome that by yourself.

Hey, yes this is tracing all instances fine!
But for some odd reasons it´s crashing my editor immediately when spawn actor is called