Multi Weapon Equiping system

Currently, I have an inventory system a lot like PUBG but I am having trouble figuring out how to get my character to recognize when he has weapons equipped and what they are so I can play correct animations and such. Ideas?


Personally, I would create an array of weapons. Each weapon could be a separate BluePrint which will be added to the aforementioned array. Then, you could create a variable and assign it to the player’s current weapon - possibly a unique ID. Using that unique ID, loop over the weapons table and you’ll find the weapon you’re looking for. You can store properties like ID, animation, and bullets inside the weapon’s BluePrint.

Keep in mind that I’m new to UE4, but I have programming experience.

Hopefully this information may help you.

It’s basically what i’ve done.
I’m working on a simple twin sick for my first project though.
When you pick up the weapon I have a character value for “has” that unhides the widget button. When you select it, it destroys current actor in socket Right hand and spawns the new one.
A variable in weapon selected changes the switch on in node to fire that one…

I presume yours it a larger than mine though so the simple solution probably wont work