Multi User Viewer Template Issues

Hi All,

I wonder anyone has ever encountered the following issues or perhaps has easy solutions for this.
I tested the following configuration using UE 4.22 Multi User Viewer Template default scene and HTC Vive.

**Host : **Desktop Player
**Guest : **VR Player
**Issue 1 : **VR motion controller error. Right controller tied to left controller. Whenever I tried to move the left controller, I notice it moves to the opposite direction.
**Issue 2 : **Laser pointer pointed by VR player is not visible to desktop player. I highlighted this back in 4.21 (UE-67741). Target fix is 4.24.

**Host : **VR Player
**Guest : **Desktop Player
**Issue : **VR player text name (above avatar) and colour appear wrong. It only shows the default value. Teleport arrow colour also appears in wrong colour. Laser pointer colour is correct.

**Host : **Desktop Player
**Guest : **Desktop Player
No issue. All works fine.

**Host : **VR Player
**Guest : VR **Player
I cant test this as I only have 1 VR headset. :slight_smile: Perhaps anyone can help test this and advise.

Any advise or inputs on how to fix this or where to look to solve these issue? Thanks!

On a separate test, in which I use Lighting Scenarioo, I noticed that :

Lighting scenario triggered by Host will affect Guest … but
Lighting scenario triggered by Guest will not affect Host.

Is it a bug or it is intended to be like that?