multi user template, voice chat not working

Hi after couple hours of research nothing ever worked. I tried to change defaultengine.ini to enable voice but when I Package the project and run multiplayer on multiple computers the other person dont hear nothing. anyone tried to activate voice chat with multiuser template? Any help would be more than appreciated. Thanks.

If you are on Windows 10 you can also check your privacy settings for the microphone.

We haven’t developed the multi user template with voice support at this point. I don’t think its as easy as enabling it. In the future we will add support for it, but its an effort that we haven’t completed yet.

Hey somehow worked after enabling togglespeaking to 1 in the console in runtime in a packaged project, it works real good when two computers are set to desktop mode, but in the vr mode with oculus its real laggy and slow, i couldnt figure out why, but thanks anyway.

maybe I should report it as a bug, if you think I should.

Could you explain what you did to make it works?? I am totally lost implementing this.

As i wrote, in the console in runtime you have to enable togglespeaking, just open console and type togglespeaking 1 on every pc. You have to have microphones and speakers connected to every computer. But as i said it onlz works over the local internet, I also couldnt manage to make it work over the open internet.

Cool thank you, I’ll give a try, but a guess as @Pierre mentioned it may not be fully developed.

Having said that, creating a multi-user experience without the option to communicate to the other person kind of defeat the purpose right?
I know this is a work in progress but hopefully, there is some priority for this. In the enterprise side multi-user VR is a big plus.
Thank you.

You can use the laser pointer to create morse code, it was proven to be very effective in many critical situations… :slight_smile:

Jokes aside, the recent announcements will bring solutions to this problem later this year:

ha ha ha, morse code that’s a good one. Well, it looks like a lot of good things coming, great job guys.

yeah thanks, great work.

woaaw thank you so much, till then I’ll definitely have to give morse code a chance lol.