Multi user or collaboration development?

Hello! Me and my brother want to dabble abit in the unreal engine making scenes and shorts in it. But a few years ago i looked into hero engine because it had real time collaboration so we can work together very easy. I tried to look this up on Unreal engine but i can only find an old mod. Is this something that has been put into the engine? Can me and my brother develop in real time together in the Unreal Engine now?

So far only exists. Other than that you’re out of luck. Both user-made plugins stopped development long ago.

on the 4.22 preview there is a plugin called “multi-user editing” It does just that. The problem is I cant find anything, absolutely nothing over it, no documentation no nothing, I dont know how am I supposed to connect to other computer as there is no field for server “IP”

And there is no easy way to syncronize our work? Without alot of software and servers

Most developers use Perforce as far as I know and some other task management tool to figure out who does what and when. Git is good for source code but Perforce can also handle that.

Judging from the 4.22 preview changelog, its supposed to be a VR collaboration plugin. Maybe its for local development only as in 2 VR users, 1 PC?
“Multi-User Editing Settings VRAvatar class is missing a space”

Nevermind! Check out the 4.22 release log:

This doesn’t explain how to actually initialize it though. I set my PC up as the server. Now how do I let a colleague connect to me?

I saw some people talking about it in the release thread. Maybe you should check it out^^

Documentation is available: